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Being royalty comes with a high stakes price. Kate Middleton and her lady parts can’t catch a break.

After receiving heat when a publication got its hands on some private vacation photos of Kate sunbathing topless with her Prince, the Royal Family reciprocated with threats of a lawsuit. But that didn’t stop the French publication from going ahead and promising to publish the photos in its Italian sister magazine, Chi

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The photos were taken at a private villa in Provence while the Prince and his new wife were on holiday, but with all the threats from the royal family, Chi‘s editor, Alfonso Signorini, isn’t the least bit concerned about the lawsuit talks and tweeted that “not even a direct call from the Queen” would stop the presses.

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The Italian mag hit stands today with an all new multi-page spread of Kate Middleton, featuring photos from the same set as Closer magazine.

There is said to be over 200 photos taken of Kate that day. Yikes! See all of the uncensored pics HERE!

SOURCE: Gawker