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UPDATE: TMZ has released another clip from Lil Wayne’s deposition where he addresses speaking to God.

If you’re a lawyer, Lil Wayne is not the person you want to cross-examine. In the funniest legal proceeding in the history of life, Lil Weezy, aka Tunechi, ripped Quincy Jones III’s lawyer Pete Ross a new one!

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At one point, Weezy called the lawyer by name and told him what he felt about his line of questioning, saying, “Pete Ross, that’s a stupid ass question!” 

This all stems from Lil Wayne suing QD3 over the rights to release a documentary called The Carter, where the son of the legendary producer followed Lil Wayne around for several months. 

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But Wayne didn’t recall much of anything asked by Ross, and when he got fed up with the questions, he simply told QD3’s lawyers that the judge, “Can’t save him in the real world.”

Pete Ross took it as a threat, but Wayne said it wasn’t a threat. What do you think?

Check out the video above and if you want more, head over to TMZ for footage from Lil Wayne’s deposition.