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Peter Griffin and Khaleesi, mother of dragons, are in love!

Well, OK not quite, but Seth MacFarlane and Emilia Clarke are actually dating. A well-connected spy told Perez Hilton they spotted the Family Guy funny man and the beautiful princess in Game of Thrones making out backstage at the Emmys. 

“They were very intimate at a small table in the back of the party. He put his hand on her thigh and rubbed it! They were very close and flirty.”

But while this new couple might come as a shock, they’ve actually been spotted out and about a few different times in the past.

Our friends at US magazine caught up with Emilia and Seth having lunch at Mel’s Diner in L.A., as well as having dinner with friends before heading back to his place. 

If they went back to his place, then you know it’s real. Congrats to Seth for bagging one of the hottest women on television!

SOURCE: Perez Hilton & Us Magazine