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Real denim junkies know it’s always better to get your denim repaired rather than buying a new pair. Wearing your denim over time will cause a pattern of fades and whiskers to inevitably appear, giving you jeans that are uniquely yours.

For those of you who don’t know, Nudie is one of the better denim brands on the market that actually promotes that their clients wear jeans until they fall apart! 

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After being worn for some time, Nudie’s begin to fade, whisker, and even get holes, but Nudie would rather you have a good and worn-in pair of denim than buy a totally new pair or even worse – get a different brand’s pair. Subsequently, Nudie released a quick video that instructs anyone how to fix their own jeans. 

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Take a look at the above video for Nudie’s guide to fixing your denim. The brief tutorial demonstrates the relatively simple skills of reinforcing and stitching problem areas, using only tools and materials easily found at one’s local fabric or hardware store.