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Taylor Swift has been dominating the music scene with catchy tales of heartache and breakups, all while donning glittery dresses. But she wants the world to know that she isn’t all ponies and apple pie!

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The songstress is the November cover star for Glamour Magazine and she is opening up … just a tad. The infamously private Taylor looks like a vision of glittery perfection, sporting her perfect waves and red lips in a sequin Burberry London tank, a tulle Dior skirt and a matching Dior belt. 

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Taylor spoke on her friendship with other Hollywood starlets Emma Stone and Selena Gomez, saying:

“I met Emma when I was 17, and I met Selena when I was 18. So they’ve experienced all of this with me, and they’ve also experienced their own amazing success, and somehow through all of it, we’ve stayed close.”

Taylor on common misconceptions about her: 

“I think some people think it’s just apple pie and sunshine and sprinkles and ponies. Which is just funny. But I never feel the need to go out and make some grand statement that I’m dark and twisty and complicated, because I’m not that either. It’s just not as simple as ponies and rainbows, though I do love ponies and rainbows.”

Taylor also spoke a little about her song “Dear John,” that the masses suggest she wrote about bad boy and former flame John Mayer, and it turned out to be bit of a touchy subject: 

Glamour: You never identified who it was about, but John Mayer recently told Rolling Stone that it was him. 

Taylor Swift: How presumptuous! I never disclose who my songs are about. 

Glamour: He said he felt…

Taylor Swift: No! I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know. 

Glamour: You don’t? [Mayer told Rolling Stone that he was “humiliated” by the song, and that Swift’s releasing it was “a really lousy thing for her to do.”] 

Taylor Swift: I know it wasn’t good, so I don’t want to know. I put a high priority on staying happy, and I know what I can’t handle. 

Glamour: It would hurt too much to hear? 

Taylor Swift: It’s not that I’m this egomaniac and I don’t want to hear anything negative, because I do keep myself in check. But I’ve never developed that thick a skin. 

John must have a crazy allure over the ladies! Be sure to head over to Glamour to read more from Taylor. 

SOURCE: Glamour