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Most of the time when you think of buying a bicycle, you would probably go for something that was lightweight and made out of durable material. Maybe it would be made out of steel or maybe even carbon fiber, but how about wood?

“Bentwood” furniture brand Thonet has teamed up with London-based architect and designer Andy Martin to create a bike that has a frame made totally out of bent beech wood.

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Since 1830, Thonet has been using bent beech wood, which is achieved by steaming the wood and then shaping it. Along with the bent beech wood, the bicycle comes with carbon-fiber wheels and has “sprung rod supports to reinforce joints and major stress areas in the frame.”

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Like other fixed gear bicycles, the Bentwood bike will not come with brakes, so you will have to be extra careful not to damage to bicycle. But if you are ready to live dangerously, head over to designboom for more info!