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Yesterday, Beats By Dre introduced a new product called the Pill. 

The Pill is a revolutionary new portable speaker that comes in the shape of, you guessed it, a pill. It will run you about $199 and it’s pretty damn cool.

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The speaker doesn’t need any fancy new connections, unlike all of your previous dock speaker systems, because this one uses Bluetooth’s Near-Field Communication technology to connect to devices. Now while you can use a cable, who uses a wire when you don’t have to?

Plus if you’re wireless, you can work the speaker from up to 30 feet away while changing songs straight from your phone. 

This moveable sound system comes in red, black and white and the battery lasts for 7 hours. We gon’ need this during the holiday system when the family gets together and wants to listen to some jams after Thanksgiving dinner.

Check ’em out in our gallery. 

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