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There are two things Kris Jenner doesn’t play with: family and money!

Reportedly, right when Khloe Kardashian’s X-Factor deal was on the brink of falling through, her world-renowned momager Kris stepped in and saved the day.

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The issue stemmed from Khloe’s home network, E!, and X-Factor‘s parent company Fox not being able to come to an agreement as far as Khloe appearing on both networks.

Well, Khloe’s mom got the two to sit down in a meeting together and fortunately for her, straightened out all of the kinks!

Sources told TMZ: “She just knows how to make sh*t happen.”

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Khloe tweeted:

“The rumors are true. I’ll be hosting @TheXFactorUSA this season”

Her big sis, Kim K. backed Khloe up by retweeting the good news and adding a supportive comment that read:

“U will make such an amazing host!”

Things are on the up and up for Khloe, and we couldn’t be happier for who we think is the wittiest sister in the Kardashian clan! 

SOURCE: TMZ || Photo Credit: Khloe Kardashian Celebuzz/Block Magazine