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Trends, love them or hate them, they will somehow incept your mind!

The latest trend that may be appealing to you as fall and winter collections dominate floor seats is the over abundance of jewel toned clothing, including rich emeralds and burgundy…except burgundy isn’t quite called burgundy anymore. 

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Apparently the wine-colored hue that had major shine time in the nineties went from geek to chic and re-surfaced as the it-color of the season, and came back calling itself something dangerous and seductive, like oxblood.

Oxblood is pretty much red’s badass older cousin, you know, the one who would wear black lipstick to Thanksgiving dinner.

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As a hue it is dark, intense, and bordering on rocker chic, but also bears a sophistication, all while remaining luxe. 

Check out the gallery above to see some of the season’s hottest trends, from leather pants to peplum skirts in the oxblood hue.

Is this a color you can see yourself incorporating into your everyday wardrobe this season?