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There are growing concerns surrounding the fact that a pro-Romney firm, who purchased voting machines that will be distributed across the nation, may literally be trying to steal the presidential election!

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Critics of the partisan firm H.I.G. Capital are skeptical about its recent purchase of Hart Intercivic, an equipment company that manufactures the voting machines for 370 jurisdictions and 17.7 million voters around the country. H.I.G. Capital has close ties to the GOP nominee Mitt Romneybeing that the company co-founder Anthony Tamer previously worked at Bain & Company, the private equity firm where Mitt reigned as CEO for ten years. In addition, eight of the company’s managing directors also worked for Bain and H.I.G. Capital is the sixth biggest Romney campaign donor. 

The HuffPo reports what skeptics are saying about the Romney-backed group’s purchase:

“This is just not passing the smell test at all,” said Bev Harris, founder of the nonprofit election watchdog, “They’re Romney guys.”

She said Hart Intercivic machines are considered among the more hackable — but that’s not really the point here. “There is no way to secure a system from its administrator,” she said.

“There are thousands of venture capital and private equity firms,” Harris said. Why then, she asked, would one of the very few major voting companies in the country fall into the hands of a firm that happens to be associated with a presidential candidate?
“I think it looks bad,” said Larry Norden, an election expert with the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. Actually trying to steal the election “would be pretty risky,” he said. “That’s not to say it couldn’t be done.”

More critically, he said, “it points to some of the problems with having private companies essentially running our elections.”

This certainly does seem fishy!