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The Presidential debates have ended and Election Day is nearing rapidly, but our boy President Barack Obama is cool as a cucumber. 

During his bid for re-election, multiple sources have made accusations that the president isn’t an American born citizen and have asked on numerous occasions for President Obama to produce his birth certificate (to which he complied in April of 2011.)

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While campaigning in his home state of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney made a remark saying that nobody ever asks him for his birth certificate because “They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”

President Obama took a strike back and made a birth certificate joke while attacking Mitt Romney at a rally in New Hampshire on Saturday by criticizing Mitt Romney for raising taxes and fees while serving as governor of Massachusetts.

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The one, two punch? Obama said “he raised fees to get a birth certificate, which would have been expensive for me.”

And the crowd roared with laughter. 

Check out the short clip of the video above. 

SOURCE: Huffington Post 

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