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Like the unpopular girl who wasn’t invited to the party, Sandy is here y’all, and she came with a fury. 

As promised, the entire East Coast is being pummeled with a hurricane, coupled up with a full moon and a high tide. The public transit system is down and more than likely you are barricaded in your house suffering from cabin fever. 

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However, no haute girl lets a storm catch her looking a winded mess! 

After adhering to the normal precautionary procedures, buckle down and plan for your busy life to slow down a bit. 

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Check out our pointers below for surviving Hurricane Sandy in style. 

Get that raincoat! While we don’t recommend it, if you absolutely must run outside, do it in a chic raincoat like this Free People transparent lace coat. Your neighbors will be impressed with your impenetrable fashion sense, while they wave in frantic disbelief from their windows. 

In the beginning there was water that was turned into wine, so be ready with a stellar set of wine glasses to enjoy an abundance of drinking if all this water really does take a magical turn. Or you can just drink the wine you responsibly bought instead of bottled water. 


The first day things are all good, but once cabin fever sets in, you’ll need something to do while drinking wine. Break out the fun board games so that even if the lights fail, you’ll have something to do besides panic about your inability to access social media. 

Who said flashlights have to be manly? Check out this super feminine flood light that will be your guiding eye if things get real. 

Still feeling a little stir crazy? Try out some spooky nail art like the ones we featured here, and let’s hope that Sandy eases up soon enough for us to slip into our Halloween costumes. 


And the obvious? Candles. But they don’t have to be gross waxy smelling candles. Relax in the dark to the scents of pears and magical goodness with this Nest Fragrances Wasabi Pear Tin Candle…and make babies or something.  

All jokes aside, the storm is a serious one, so please take all the necessary precautions!