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In Apple’s never-ending quest to rule all things tech, the company is gearing up to release their own advertising-supported streaming-radio service to rival Pandora.

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Apple is trying to outdo Pandora by offering licensing deals that allow more flexibility, since Pandora currently relies on a “compulsory license” that limits its listeners. In other words, Apple radio probably won’t ever tell you that you can’t skip a song. Unlike Pandora, if you want to listen to all Kanye West, all the time, Apple won’t fold in music that’s similar to Kanye’s, just to follow licensing requirements.

In a report from Bloomberg, Rich Greenfield, an analyst with BTIG LLC, says:

“Radio is a natural step for Apple. This helps Apple dominate in cars, where people listen to an average of two hours of radio a day. If Apple offers a radio product, it will be far superior to anything else on the market. They’re seeking direct licenses to avoid all the restrictions that come with a compulsory license.”

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Apple already has a foot in the door with most major music labels through iTunes, digital downloads, etc. – some would say that this is just a natural progression. How do you feel? Would you make the switch from Pandora to Apple? Let us know in the comments below.