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With Election Day less than 24 hours away, recent polls indicate that President Obama and Mitt Romney are closely tied and this is still anybody’s race.

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A new poll from CNN/ORC International, shows that voters are evenly split between the leading presidential contenders, with 49 percent of likely voters supporting the President, while 49 percent back Romney. However, Obama has a slight edge among registered voters at 50 percent to 48 percent. 

Key battleground states that will mostly likely decide the election are also gridlocked at 48 to 48 percent for each candidate.

However, on a brighter note for the sitting President, Obama has a slight edge when it comes to jobs favorability. He stands at a 51 percent approval rating to a 45 percent disapproval.

Most people are absolutely sure about who they’ll be casting their vote for, but 4 percent of voters say it’s still a toss up. 

According to the polls, this is going to be a very close race where every vote will count. If you haven’t voted already, be sure to make your way to the polls tomorrow and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.  

SOURCE: The Hill