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Last night, President Barack Obama was re-elected as the President of the United States for a second term. 

Confetti flew, crowds yelled, and as per her usual, Michelle Obama looked impeccable. 

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For her look on this monumental night, the First Lady didn’t send her style team scouring the racks for the perfect dress to sway the American people, instead she simply reached to back of her closet and pulled out a burgundy Michael Kors dress that she has worn not once, but twice, prior to donning it for the third time this election night. 

Michelle wore the Michael Kors magenta silk chine pin tucked dress over 2 years ago, and the re-introduction of the dress proves that good fashion is timeless. 

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The choice to re-use a wardrobe item on such a colossal night proves that Michelle doesn’t just talk about knowing what it is to be a member of the middle class, she truly knows about it. 

Mitt may have had his lucky underwear on, but it didn’t hold a candle to Michelle’s lucky dress. 

Cheers to four more years of style stalking our FLOTUS and keeping an eye on Sasha and Malia, who are walking the steps to being style stars in their own right. 

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