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The gas shortage in NYC and New Jersey since Hurricane Sandy has been extremely difficult for the Tri-State area.

Since then, Mayor Bloomberg has come up with a way to ration gas for vehicle drivers which involves those with even number license plates being able to get gas on even days, and the same goes for those with odd numbers.

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So far this new rule has turned out to be quite beneficial for gas station workers, and motorcyclists.

According to the NY Daily News, gas station employee Delroy Espinoza said of the gas rationing:

“It’s so much better today,” Espinoza said Friday after his last stop at a busy Hess station in Mott Haven. “Earlier in the week, I was stuck in line for six hours.”

Motorcyclists have been very happy with the new rule, and have found their tanks to be full at the end of the day, with some stations only having a 15-minute wait.

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While there have been fights, and even attempted killings during the gas shortages, with people waiting in lines up to 4 hours, the new gas rationing technique has calmed much of the tension down.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

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