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Miley Cyrus is cool. Cooler than we all know. 

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Besides kicking it in the studio with Pharrell Williams and Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator, Miley Cyrus has been increasing her hood credibility one co-sign at a time. 

On Friday, Miley Cyrus tweeted that the Philly rapper Meek Mill’s debut album, Dreams And Nightmares, was “the bomb.”

This tweet left most hip-hop heads scratching their heads, wondering when Miley became so thorough.

Miley Ray Cyrus listens to Meek Mill? Since when? 

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Probably when Rick Ross name-dropped Miley Cyrus on Meek Mill’s “Believe It,” rapping: 

“Got a bad bitch in my Chevy/selling Miley Cyrus out my brand new Monte Carlo.” 

We don’t quite know what’s more baffling, Miley Cyrus’ affinity for Meek Mill, or her newfound love of 2 Chainz

Miley tweeted: 

Since cutting her hair, Miley doesn’t have much weave for the “Hair Weave Killer” to slay, but apparently, 2 Chainz’s rhymes are doing the “Born In The U.S.A.” singer just right. 

Miley even went as far as dressing up as Nicki Minaj in 2 Chainz’s “I Luv Dem Strippers” video for Halloween, and she looked pretty f*cking awesome if you ask us. 

Let’s not forget to mention, Miley’s new connection with hip-hop isn’t completely out of the blue. Rappers have been name dropping Miley Cyrus since she was fresh out her Hannah Montana days. 

They’ve most prevalently been using Miley’s name as a not so inconspicuous code word for cocaine, any other random powdery white substances, or references to white girls, yes, just white girls.

Check Mack Maine’s verse on Young Money’s smash hit “Every Girl In The World” when he raps:

“For free suites I’d give Paris Hilton all-nighters/In about 3 years, holla at me Miley Cyrus/I don’t discriminate, no not at all.”

Or Lil Wayne’s verse on Future “Turn On The Lights” remix:

“I wish we both were single like a couple dollars/And when we get together she be on that Miley Cyrus.”

Oh, yeah and Gucci Mane’s verse on “Making Love To the Money:” 

“White lion in the house we named it Miley Cyrus/She never talk back baby very private.”

Let’s not forget Future’s verse on “Trending Topic:” 

“Got that loud pack on deck/Good cough syrup on deck/Got Miley Cyrus on deck/That white girl, she wet.”

There are dozens more Miley references where those came from, but the fact of the matter is, Miley Cyrus loves rappers and they love her back!