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If you’re going to try to sneak a picture of Beyonce, make sure you don’t get caught. 

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A young man was sitting down in a hotel in Las Vegas when he noticed Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting behind him. Eager to capture the moment, but too scared to simply ask for a picture, he decided to sneak a quick flick. 

No harm no foul – but he got caught! 

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In the flick, you can see Beyonce staring right in the camera, giving him a mean mug, and from the looks of his eyes, he probably had the flash on. 
One thing is for sure, this guy could never have a career as a paparazzo. The guy’s friend might have had the best laugh, because he shared the picture on the social network Reddit, saying:

“My friend was staying at a hotel in Vegas. Totally got caught trying to snap this picture.”

Epic fail.

Photo Source: Reddit