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Damn you, Twitter.

Social media’s wild child has given yet another celebrity the platform to cause their publicist extreme anxiety and virtually a heart attack over 140 unscrupulous character thoughts. 

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Practically the guns and roses of social media, Twitter is seemingly the beginning and the end of all first world problems.

First world problem exhibit A – Twitter beef.  

Last night, millions of people got the chance to witness one of the most unruly, depraved, and down right stupid Twitter tiffs 140 characters can possibly offer, and it was pretty pathetic. 

Chris Brown vs. some middle-aged comedy writer from Texas, Jenny Johnson

Jenny Johnson, one of a few million feminists who hate, and I do mean, HATE, Chris Brown for his domestic violence past. 

Chris Brown, a multi-platinum selling singer who feels slightly entitled to be forgiven and finds it very hard, and I do mean, VERY hard to ignore those who think of him negatively. 

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These two are clearly from very different worlds and wouldn’t typically cross each other’s paths, but because of the wonderful universe of Twitter, there’s only 140 characters separating their worlds from colliding. 

Think of Twitter as such: the gift and the curse, an irrepressible gateway of information, an unsightly car crash of unbridled and uncensored celebrity, not to mention, a highway of unwelcomed opinions, hate, and harassment. 

Unfortunately for celebrities and “us” bloggers and journalists, Twitter gives anyone and everyone the opportunity to be heard, when in reality, many of these Twitter trolls shouldn’t even be permitted to whisper. 

From death threats to rounds of verbal assault, celebrities and anyone with a significant Twitter following have experienced it. 

I can’t count how many times a “stan” has wished me death or called me some version of a bitch, cunt, slut, hoe, or dick sucker. 

Most of the time it’s quite entertaining that someone would take time out of their day to attempt to ruin yours, but sometimes you do find yourself getting a little pissed. 

Not “pooping in your retina…pink eye” pissed, but pissed. 

It comes with the territory, and that we understand, but with that said, people should save their Twitter taunts and shove it. 

You often wonder, how can I let some sloppy nobody essentially bully me via Twitter?

But in reality it happens, more than we’d like to admit. 

Obviously, Twitter offers an inside look into your favorite celebrity’s life. 

But is celebrity life all that great? 

Well, if Twitter were to tell it, not really.

Yes, they travel, make music, shoot movies, wear designer sh*t, and “get money,” but they’re also very lonely, somewhat lost spiritually, tormented souls with immense talent. 

The reality of Twitter is that your favorite celebrity isn’t really all that cool, and most of the time a lot crankier than you could ever imagine (hint: the weekly rants). 

Kanye West once posed the question, “What if Michael Jackson had a Twitter? What if Michael Jackson could really explain why he hung the baby out the window?” 

Think about it. 

What if Michael Jackson really had a Twitter? 

To pose such a question is quite grandiose, but to be honest, “we” (the fans) probably wouldn’t like Michael Jackson as much if he ranted and retweeted every disgruntled fan on Twitter. 

The once elusive soft-spoken pop icon would be subject to “regular” people status and the gold glow surrounding his presence would certainly disappear. 

Over the years, I’ve realized that there is no reality in the world of celebrity.  

I don’t think all of Chris Brown’s apparent anger issues will be solved in few years. Nor do I think he is completely happy with his life as it stands. 

But with Chris Brown’s unhappiness comes Jenny Johnson, who has been harassing Chris via Twitter for 24 months, is just as miserable as the “Don’t Judge Me” singer. 

During a conference where the relationship between the media’s harsh criticisms and unwarranted opinions in regards to celebrity were discussed, a wise man once said (Kanye West), “If you say anything, than you lose everything. If you say anything…than you lose everything.” 

Take Yeezy’s advice. 

~Brittany Lewis 

Brittany Lewis is the Music Editor at GlobalGrind and a Howard University Alumna. Brittany considers herself seasoned on all the pop culture ish that matters. Follow her on Twitter @Buttercup_B.   

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