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Already, people are going to crazy measures in preparation of the Mayan Apocalypse date in three weeks.

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One man spent his entire life savings building a modern day Noah’s Ark to house him and his family on 12.21.12. However, he’s extended an open invitation for all other people looking to take shelter. 

According to Complex.com:

Lu Zhenghai, of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China, has spent $160,000 on the boat, which he designed on his own. The boat is 65 feet long, and will weigh roughly 80 tons when completed. Lu says he began crafting the boat in 2010, fearing that a “doomsday” flood would claim the lives of his family. Convinced that the end is coming, Lu is extending an invitation to everyone: “When the time comes, everyone can take refuge in it.”

Lu’s ark was built using 10 tons of timber and 60 tons of steel. It remains unfinished due to a lack of funds. 

We doubt an ark will be necessary, since the Mayan Apocalypse hoopla is the same thing we saw occur during the Y2K frenzy!

SOURCE: Complex.com

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