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After seven weeks of searching for Kara Nichols, a 19-year-old aspiring model, police were surprised to find a picture of her emerge on an escort website.

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The missing teen model was last seen in Colorado Springs on October 9. However, police discovered a photo of her in a recent online escort agency based out of Las Vegas. According to the Huffington Post, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jeff Kramer stated that:

“Our investigators became aware of that posting and followed up on that lead. They were able to determine that someone else had used the photos of Kara for their own ads. Kara was not involved in posting the ads or with those folks. Someone simply grabbed those photos online and used them for their own purposes.” 

The police sheriff also confirmed that it is not uncommon for escort services to use random photos in their advertisements.  

The HuffPo reports:

“It is not uncommon at all for these escort-type businesses to fish around the internet and find photos of other folks to use for their advertisements,” Kramer said.

In regards to Nichols’ disappearance, Kramer said police are still following up on leads. “We are continuing to identify a number of people who knew Kara or are friends with her,” he said.

Police said Nichols was traveling to Denver for a modeling job with two unidentified women. It is unclear if she arrived and her current whereabouts are a mystery.

Police have interviewed one of the women traveling with Nichols, but have not released her name, an they are still looking for the second woman.

We pray this missing teen model is found soon!

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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