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In one of the most tragic incidents we have seen in awhile, a New York City man was pushed to his death while waiting for a train at a Times Square subway station.

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Ki Suk Han, 58, was pushed onto the tracks of an oncoming Q train by a deranged man, after trying to protect fellow straphangers from him. The New York Post captured the tragic photo, above, as their photographer was in the area covering an unrelated story.

They report:

Post freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi — who had been waiting on the platform of the 49th Street station — ran toward the train, repeatedly firing off his flash to warn the operator.

“I just started running, running, hoping that the driver could see my flash,” said Abbasi, whose camera captured chilling shots of Suk’s tragic fight for his life.

The train slowed, but a dazed and bruised Han still wound up hopelessly caught between it and the platform as it came to a halt.

A shaken Abbasi said the train “crushed him like a rag doll.”

Dr. Laura Kaplan, a second-year resident at Beth Israel Medical Center who was also on the platform, sprang into action, taking off her coat, grabbing her stethoscope and rushing over to help the dying man.

“People were shouting and yelling when it happened, but then people ran the other way,” said Kaplan, 27.

“I heard what I thought were heart sounds,” she said, but Han never took a breath.

“There was blood coming out his mouth. We couldn’t do CPR. He wasn’t in the right position. And there was just no way to get him out of there.”

In even more tragic news, the widow of Ki Suk Han says she had gotten into an argument with her husband the morning of the fight and tried to call him, but he never picked up.

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The two have one daughter who is of college-age.