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What’s a world without video games? What’s a world without hip-hop?

Well, there’s no contemplating that thought with Hungry Eyes Film and Television Inc. & XMG Studio‘s innovative mobile gaming app “The Music Biz,” which merges gaming and hip-hop into one crazy creative experience.

In “The Music Biz” gamers –  aspiring artists and music enthusiasts alike – become hip-hop juggernauts like Russell Simmons or Diddy, and sign dope artists, create platinum-selling records, sample music, go on tour, and promote their artists. Basically every nuance that goes into building a successful label from the ground up is what you need to do. But hey like Jay-Z said, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!” 

“The Music Biz” is set to drop December 12th via iTunes. What a gift for the holiday season!

For more information, visit  or check out Twitter: @urthemusicbiz

Take a look at the trailer above!