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Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together.

While that might spark a million opinions from some of you, it doesn’t so much for me. That’s because it’s nobody’s business.

The pop superstars declared as much in their latest song together, so I’ll go along and play the game. 

But I just want them to answer one question for me. 

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If it’s truly nobody’s business, then why do they keep putting it out there like that?

I must admit that I try to not pay attention because it’s not my business, but my goodness, is the Chrianna relationship entertaining.

Rihanna posted a picture of her and Chris at his show. He posted a picture of them smoking together. Rihanna posted a picture about Chris Brown’s cock, then another of them lying in bed together and then another on her knees. 

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Yes, Rihanna her knees! How am I not supposed to pay attention to that!? While their relationship is already more entertaining than most daytime soap operas, primetime dramas and any episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians ever recorded, it gets better…

Chris Brown is currently in Paris and he brought Karrueche along with him. He left his hotel room wearing Karrueche’s brand, then posted her hat on his Instagram page. The same hat that she was wearing a few minutes later when she posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page: 

Damn! Where are Shaunie O’Neal and Monica Scott when you need them? 

Watching Chris and Rihanna on social media, I feel like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, not allowed to join and partake in their reindeer games. If a picture of Rihanna on her knees makes it to the internet, should I not comment?

Should I not speculate if Chris Brown is somewhere out of view of the camera lens when Rihanna adds comments alluding to some “Risky Business”? 

Should I not wonder if Chris Brown is calling Rihanna thirsty when he posts pictures like this?

These are things I would question if Chrianna’s love was actually my business – instead of nobody’s. 

Is a fan named Shannon in Chris’s bidness when she comments, “Are people retarded? He’s obviously playing them both. Rihanna was there not long ago, now Karrueche is.”

Probably not. 

At the end of the day, people are going to talk, it’s just up to you to react. Hopefully neither Chris Brown nor Rihanna react to the negative comments that continue to plague their relationship. It is nobody’s business after all. 

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