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For the first time in nearly two decades, Ma$e is a free agent.

The legendary MC made the revelation that, after 16 years, Diddy finally released Ma$e from his Bad Boy contract. 

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The rapper told Sway of RapFix:

“I’ve been in that contract for 16 years…Yeah, the other day he let me out of it, so big shout-outs to Diddy, I guess he woke up feeling good and he wanted to do something good.”

Throughout his time on the show, Ma$e dropped a lot of jewels, including why the G-Unit deal back in 2006 didn’t pan out. Ma$e revealed something we already kinda figured — that Puff was stalling the deal because he was trying to get money he felt like Ma$e owed him from 50 Cent, and 50 wasn’t having that. 

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The most interesting portion of the interview came when Ma$e started talking about Kanye. Ma$e says he feels that there’s genuine love from the rapper. He also praised what he does musically, saying:

“I love Kanye, I love what he does musically, I love his ability to push the envelope. I like to be around people that’s not afraid to be different.” 

Ma$e also didn’t entirely kill the speculation he could be signing to G.O.O.D. music. In fact, he mentioned that Kanye helping him out would be G.O.O.D. karma considering that he was one of the first people to really put Kanye on (Mr. West produced “You Made Me” on the Harlem World compilation album). 

You know what, we wouldn’t mind seeing Ma$e going to G.O.O.D. Music…