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As of late, every rapper has been buying into one loosely based uniform consisting of a Givenchy shirt, Balmain jeans and Balenciaga sneakers. However this look may quickly be replaced by Kokontozai.

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Kokontozai, or KTZ as it is better known, could be the next big thing not only in the hip-hop community, but in fashion as a whole. Last night at the Vh1 Divas Live show, Adam Lambert came out in the Long Church Embroidery Hoodie from KTZ’s Fall 2012 collection, while over the summer, Jay-Z rocked the Champion Printed Hoodie during his Made in America tour. Kanye West rocked a pair of gloves from the “Church” collection and both he and Big Sean wore the Church Embroidery Shorts With Printed Legging at separate events. Even Rihanna joined in on the KTZ movement during her performance with Coldplay in Paris.

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Could KTZ have found the perfect niche? The Church collection, which is so far the most popular, has cryptic Illuminati-esque gibberish embroidered into fabric, but is very fashion forward with pieces like men’s skirts and leggings. The whole look is just in time for the more “liberal” style of men’s clothing that has very feminine attributes, like what we have seen Kanye and A$AP Rocky adapt to.

Although it’s not for everyone, many people have gotten in on the KTZ bandwagon. Check out some of your favorite celebrities rocking KTZ in the gallery above and let us know what you think in the comments section below.