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It’s December 21, 2012 somewhere and the world has yet to end. But members of the Christian group, Almighty God, in China were not taking any chances.

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Almost 1,000 members of the group, which has been called an “evil cult,” were arrested by police in China for spreading rumors and inciting panic about the end of the world.

The members believe that Friday will usher in three days of darkness; during those three days the cult would overthrow communism. 

Almighty God also told their believers that the “end of the world” would usher in a new era, where a “female Jesus,” would rule over the people. 

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The group has been attacked by Chinese media, which variously accuses female members of using “sex communication” to ensnare single men, of banning followers from carrying mobile phones, and of using pseudonyms to conceal their real identities.

Wow. Sounds like a bad movie. Not one we want to watch if it is, in fact, the end of the world.


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