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After a picture was posted online of the Ohio rape victim being carried by two football player while unconscious, the internet has been going wild.

The football friend of the players who posted the photo is now apologizing for his actions and stating his regret after sending out offensive and abusive tweets.

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Cody Saltsman posted the photo of the rape victim, and stated his apology to “the victim and and her family” and claimed that “not a moment goes by” that he doesn’t regret what he did.

Tweeting comments such as “I have no sympathy for whores”, and calling the victim “sloppy” have led to his legal settlement requiring him to give an apology.

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Some users claimed that Saltsman posted the picture from the party as an act of revenge over a personal slight between him and the victim.

His apology on Twitter was as follows:

An apology doesn’t take back what happened that night, but we hope that Cody Saltsman has truly realized the damage of his actions.