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Lindsay Lohan might have some financial issues, but the troubled actress is making it work. 

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Exactly how she’s making it work is up for debate.

According to her father Michael Lohan, the Liz & Dick actress has been working as an escort for super rich men who like to surround themselves with beautiful actresses and are willing to shell out top dollar to be in their company! 

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Radar Online reports:

“She is getting paid to date rich men,” Michael said of his 26-year-old daughter. “Dina (Lindsay’s mother) is pimping her out – it’s disgusting!”

The gossip site also reports that another source is speaking about LiLo’s new source of income: 

“The dates last for days, and the guys pay for everything – hotel, travel costs, food, whatever – as well as jewelry and other gifts,” someone close to the actress revealed.

While no one is suggesting that LiLo is actually sleeping with these men, people have seen her out on dates with high profile guys, one of them being billionaire Domingo Zapata. 

“Domingo let Lindsay live in his penthouse at the Bowery Hotel in NYC for free and at his L.A. pad at Chateau Marmont [for months],” says one of his confidantes. “They’re both super swanky. No way Lindsay could’ve afforded either of them for such long periods of time on her own.”

There are always rumors surrounding Lindsay, but if her latest legal troubles don’t work out in her favor, all of the rumors might not matter if she’s in jail! 

SOURCE: Radar Online