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While most hoopers are enjoying their summer by visiting home, taking school off, traveling, and chillin’, Pe’Shon Howard is on a crazy mission this summer! Fresh on the University of Maryland campus, this incoming freshman is focused and more determined than ever!  Pe’Shon moved into his dorm on a Wednesday and on that very next Monday he was starting summer classes. Going into the school year, Pe’Shon will not declare a major right away; debating between criminal justice and business management, but he even stated “he could possibly see himself becoming a lawyer somewhere down the line”.


Although he may not have a major quite yet, he definitely has a plan with his life! When I asked him what some of his goals for this upcoming school year/season were, the first thing that came out of his mouth was “have the highest GPA on the team”, which he had just told his advisor in a recent meeting as well. He’s definitely aware of the hard work that this goal will entail, but he’s ready for the challenge! I also asked him where he saw himself in 5 years from now, and he answered “being a rookie in the NBA”.

The recent Oak Hill Academy graduate  is already ahead of the curve; not only is he staying at Maryland and taking classes throughout the WHOLE summer, but he also told me “conditioning and workouts are in full swing, and their no joke!’ If you know basketball, you automatically know that Mouth of Wilson is the city to be when it comes to prep basketball.


Oak Hill Academy is the “Ultimate” Powerhouse when it comes to breeding basketball greats… With a player alumni list as follows, how could you not have heard of Oak Hill?! Here’s a few NBA guys that once in their prep career attended Oak Hill: Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, Brandon Jennings, Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Jerry Stackhouse, and Rod Strickland; just to name a few!

My point is, when it comes to competition and hard work, it’s nothing to Pe’Shon!! He’s played against every High School standout of his time that you could imagine; some of those games even on ESPN.

So, with the transition from high school to college, Pe’Shon is entering into the same type of deal. Most of you probably know, but for those who don’t, when it comes to college basketball, the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) is arguably the toughest conference to play in. There is the 2010 National Champions Duke, along with North Carolina, Boston College, Clemson, Florida St, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina St, Wake Forest, Virginia, Virginia Tech and last but not least, Maryland.

I asked Pe’Shon what his feelings were about this upcoming season in general, he told me “to come in and make an instant impact on his team and help them win”, and in my opinion, the dedication of Pe’Shon not even going home for the summer just so he can stay around the veterans of the team and to form that special team chemistry, is a perfect reason why he will be able to do just so!


Pe’Shon described himself in two words, “creative and outgoing”, I d

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