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We never thought this day would come.

Lil Wayne has been growing his long dreadlocks ever since his career launched with the Hot Boyz back in the early 2000s, and while it looked like he cut them off, he actually fooled us all.

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The Carter IV rapper hung out with Big Boi yesterday, and it looked like he was rocking a new short-haired look, but he in reality, he is just growing out his dreads even more while they are pulled back.

While we all thought for a second that Weezy decided to make the major change, it looks like our anticipation can be put to rest for the moment.

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The year is still young however, so who knows what is to come for Weezy F Baby and his dreads!

What do you guys think of the possibility of Wayne cutting off his dreads?

BONUS: Proof he did not cut off his beloved dreads. Wayne from a different angle last night.

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