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It looks like King Beyonce is hitting the road!

The 31-year-old singing sensation is already starting off her 2013 with a bang, and it looks like she’s going to continue making her mark all year!

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A promo picture of Bey’s upcoming tour was just released, and all of her Beyhive members will definitely be bowing down to her throne.

Dressed in what appears to be some royal wear, the name of the tour is really what captures fans attention, since it’s dedicated to her husband Jay-Z’s reign being “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour”.

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There’s no further details on the tour yet, such as dates or locations, but we know that it will come soon enough so we can rush to get our tickets!

In interviews this past week Bey has remained tight lipped on what’s going down but she has said:

“I may have an announcement after the performance — fans should just stay tuned to see.”

Uh Oh! Something is brewing an we can’t wait!

Check out the diva’s new promo above!