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Another precious life has been lost to gun violence in the streets of Chicago.

National Guardsman Willie Cook had just returned from Afghanistan about 5 months ago. Unfortunately, a trip to his grandmother’s house turned out to be more dangerous than one could ever imagine when Willie’s car came under gunfire. 

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Cook was able to protect his 2-year-old son by shielding him from the harmful gunshots, but he received a bullet to the head that killed him instantly. He was only 25. 

“Willie went across the waters to fight for this country, and he comes to die. For what?’ Cook’s great uncle, Roger Danforth said ‘To see my nephew with this hole in his head, it hurts.”

Cook’s family has created a fund to raise money for his funeral expenses. 

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Police believe that this was a case of mistaken identity and that the attackers were seeking retaliation for a shooting that occurred a few days before this incident. 

“To come home not even five months later and for your life to be just taken away like that,” Cook’s fiancee, Laquana Norwood, said, “He made sure that before he left the last thing he did make sure his son was okay.”

Our prayers go out to Cook’s family and friends.

Hard to think that the streets of Chicago are more dangerous than Afghanistan.