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I was one of the early supporters of Michael Bloomberg when he first campaigned to be Mayor of New York City back in 2002. My public support of Bloomberg was not defined or constrained by the rigidity of partisan politics.

Those first positive impressions that I had of this uniquely experienced candidate for that high political office have more than proven to be true over the past decade. Mike Bloomberg is a strong, independently minded social visionary, successful transnational entrepreneur, and committed philanthropist who continues to use his leadership and personal wealth as effective means of helping to improve the quality of life for millions of New Yorkers, as well as millions of people across the nation and throughout the world.

From the issues of strengthening gun-control and challenging gun-related violence, to policies that protect the environment and respond to climate change, reducing obesity, eliminating smoking in public places, supporting public health institutions and research, contributing to the preservation of the arts, working for a higher quality public education system, comprehensive immigration reform, and promoting sustainable development in Africa; these are all hallmarks of Bloomberg’s transformational leadership.

In the Mayor’s own words, he clearly stated, “Making a difference in people’s lives – and seeing it with your own eyes – is perhaps the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do. If you want to fully enjoy life – give.”

Mike and I have been working together to make our streets and communities safer from gun violence here in the United States.

Today we live in an interdependent global community and we all should be concerned and responsible for making freedom, justice, development and equality a reality for all people everywhere.

We are also now envisioning how to do more together in Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Rwanda and other places in this vast continent that has so much potential to uplift humanity.

Simply put, I salute my friend, Michael Bloomberg, for making a real difference as Mayor and global innovator for the kind of change that our world so utterly needs and deserves.

~Russell Simmons