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No question, Machine Gun Kelly is winning!

NEW MUSIC: Machine Gun Kelly “Started From The Bottom” Freestyle!

MGK breathes new life into the 1977 Queen power ballad, “We Are The Champions” for his upcoming mixtape Black Flag. The Cleveland rapper keeps it real as he talks about everything from his success, to haters that he makes no hesitation in name-dropping: Charlamagne, Fader, and XXL.

And even though this track is featuring Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly felt it necessary for his boss to resurrect his old moniker:

“We needed Puff Daddy (not Diddy) to let the world know that EST 19XX… “We are the Champions”!”

VIDEO: Machine Gun Kelly Shares His Fight For Sobriety On “Lace Up – The Documentary” Part 2!

Whether it’s Diddy or Puff Daddy, MGK and their Bad Boy Team are some real “Champions.”

Check out the video above!