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It’s the dawn of a new age, where function meets fashion!

But every time a product claims to marry form and function, we have to wonder just how well the two will merge.

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So what do you do when you’re trying to market a highly functional product as “wearable electronics” that just can’t keep up aesthetically?

If you’re Google, you get one of the big dogs of stylish eyewear makers, like Warby Parker, involved to give your Google Glass a much needed makeover!

Google Glass is a small device worn over your right eye that puts the internet in your line of vision at all times. You can tell it to do things like take pictures, shoot videos, and give you directions.

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Even with stylish endorsements such as featuring on the Diane Von Furstenburg runway last September, we had to ask ourselves if this is what we can expect from electronics in our increasingly digital age. Are we expected to accept this awkwardly hanging metal tube thing into our lives and completely throw all style consciousness aside?

Sounds pretty counterintuitive, but we have high hopes that Warby Parker, the very hip purveyors of classic eyewear, will be able to come up with something better, and most importantly, wearable! 

SOURCE: Fashionista