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Are you ready to party? 

NEW MUSIC: Rye Rye “In My Zone” 

Everyone’s favorite aspect of partying is obviously the after party, and Baltimore femcee Rye Rye has officially captured the essence of a fiesta’s after madness with her latest track “After Party.” 

The extremely energetic track will have you dancing awkwardly in the corner – without a doubt. 

NEW VIDEO: Rye Rye “Dance”  

What makes this track freaking fantastic is not only the high-energy rapid fire Rye Rye blasts off, but also the calculated samples of M.I.A.’s “Hit That” and Kelis’ “Milkshake” that she chose to include. 

“After Party” is off Rye’s forthcoming mixtape RYEde or Die

Take a listen to Rye Rye’s bubbly dance track below!