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LaTavia Roberson has emerged back on the scene and unlike her former Destiny’s Child days, she’s now a one woman army!

The mommy-to-be is not only expecting her first child, who is ironically due on Beyonce’s birthday, but she is also in talks to release a tell-all memoir on top of getting her feet wet in reality TV.

Where Are They Now? Find Out What Happened To The Other Members Of Destiny’s Child

Back in the day, when it was announced that she and LeToya Tuckett were suddenly no longer Destiny’s Child members, it shocked fans of the group and quite frankly, we never really got any of the rumors settled. 

We’re hoping that this tell-all book answers all of the unanswered questions fans have had for years. 

Here are 10 burning questions we would like LaTavia to answer:

1. Who decided that you and LeToya would no longer be a part of the group?

2. Was Beyonce the only singer allowed to have blonde hair?

3. As the group’s manager, did Mathew Knowles show his daughter favoritism? How so, exactly?

4. The rumor was Beyonce was not as good of a singer as LeToya & Kelly Rowland back then. Was Beyonce only the lead because she was more marketable, image-wise?

5. Did you find out you’d been replaced by watching the “Say My Name” video release, which you were not featured in?

6. Did Beyonce really write most of the group’s early material herself?

7. Why didn’t Kelly leave with you and LeToya?

8. What is one thing the public never knew about Destiny’s Child, before you broke up in 2009?

9. Was the real reason for the breakup jealousy? Who was jealous of who?

10. Who was the hardest worker and best singer of the group?

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