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Fallon Fox was born a man, but wants to fight women in the UFC … BIG WHOOP!

It’s not who you’re born to or what culture you’re told you must follow, it’s how you feel and staying true to your inner creed that really matters. And Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Fallon Fox did just that when she decided to reveal to the world that she was transgender. 

Born Boyd Burton, Fox, who once served in the Navy, underwent gender reassignment surgery when she was 30 years old. The world didn’t know of her prior life, but she felt it was best she let the cat out of the bag before anyone else did.

Fallon said in an interview with Fox:

“For years I’ve known at some point it’s very likely the shoe would drop. Maybe someone would guess that I’m trans. Maybe they would know me from my life before I transitioned. I’ve been waiting for that phone call to happen. And Saturday night, it happened.”

Fox was hesitant to tell the world about her transition, because she was scared of how other athletes would react. Although she is “technically, legally, physically, and mentally female,” the whole technicality of her being born male is raising some eyebrows.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is investigating Fox’s fighting license. She did not get into a brawl and MMA her way through it, nor has she been charged with using performance enhancers, so what exactly is the problem? 

She’s scheduled to compete in the Championship Fighting Alliance 10 on April 20th, but with this investigation, it might not happen and I can’t see why damn not! 

On one hand, you wouldn’t catch me fighting a dude.

Fox was a full blown, Navy-trained man until the age of 30 when she decided to ditch the stick. That is 30 years of building man power. Fox can win the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) of the world and it will always be questioned because she will face the double standard of a man beating up a woman opposed to a woman beating up a man. Then, she’s going to head over to the male UFC competition and Rockefeller her way to UFC history. You could say that just ain’t right.

But on the other hand, transgender people identify with their gender, not their sex. Fox couldn’t be a man even is she tried. To deny her right as a woman to compete in a woman’s league is discriminatory and disrespectful. Depriving her of her right to compete because of the nature of her new lifestyle is no different than someone challenging your talents and beliefs because of your religion, race, or political views. 

There is no room for favoritism or exceptions in the fight for equality. 

Fox has fought her way to embrace who she really is. From her father trying to “council” her back to heterosexuality, to her thoughts of suicide, it takes a brave soul to be the person the world views as unacceptable and still reign victorious. Her only wish is to compete in UFC. If she proves that she has what it takes to compete against male or female competitors in the highest rank, she should be allowed to do so. 

Some may argue that because Fox was born male, she may have an upper hand on her competitors because of her physicality and testosterone level. However, Fox has been properly using medications needed to complete her gender transformation. There is no difference between men and women in reference to the results of daily workouts, diets, and trainings of an MMA fighter. You get what you put in and by the looks of it, Fox put in hours of time and dedication to her craft.

By allowing Fox to compete in the women’s MMA league, she will be opening doors for other transgender individuals to be free of the stigma associated with their lifestyle and their desire to participate in professional sports. She will also pose a question: if we are going to accept transgender individuals into sports, on what grounds?

Where will the line be drawn, if drawn at all. Will we say yes to those who are post-operation, or no to females who want to keep their lady parts but compete with the big boys? 

If America is going to accept the LGBT community, this will include the LGBT involvement in sports. If Fox is allowed to compete with other women, all other sports will no longer be allowed to discriminate against other transgender persons. 

I don’t know if you’ve realized, but times are changing. The world is progressing into an advanced, homosexuality-accepting, transgender MMA-fighting movement!

What do you think?

– As always, @itSz_aSia_baby

SOURCE: TMZ || Huffington Post