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The shopping experience is getting a total recall, as major retailers all over the country pull bulky cash registers from their sales floors and replace them with sleek iPads and iPod Touches.

What does this mean for shoppers? Quicker checkouts and thinner wallets, since the exchange of cash is being completely eliminated from the process.

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Barneys New York plans on making the switch to iPads and iPod Touches in seven out of its two dozen stores for all credit and debit card purchases. Danielle Vitale, chief operating officer of Barneys New York, tells AP, “The traditional cash register is heading toward obsolescence.” 

Urban Outfitters ordered their last batch of old school registers last fall. They are planning on going completely mobile in the near future. Wal-Mart is currently testing an app which will allow shoppers to “Scan & Go” as they shop.

J.C.Penney started using iPod Touches in 1,100 stores last year. Their goal is to have one for every salesperson by May. The company reports that a quarter of its nationwide sales are made from an iPod Touch. 

Coach uses the iPad in half of its 189 factory outlet stores. 

Nordstrom is now using the iPod Touch in its 117 department stores and in 110 Nordstrom Racks. Colin Johnson, Nordstrom spokeswoman says, “We see the future as essentially mobile. We don’t see departments in our store as being defined by a big clunky cash register.”

The iconic machine was invented in the late 1800s and quickly became a storefront staple by 1915; that is, until now. Everything from cameras to ATMs and books are being replaced by smaller, lighter, mobile devices.

For one thing, they’re cheaper to buy compared to cash registers that cost about $4,000 per unit. They take up no floor space and free up employees to help customers, since there is no need to have designated cashiers. 

Because seriously, how many times have we been shopping in big stores with tons of employees, wandering about, adjusting things, only to be ready to check out and have to wait in an excruciatingly long line. 

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We’re working with a generation dominated by instant gratification, which means consumers are coming to expect the same speedy convenience of online shopping, in stores. 

In addition to making the transition to mobile devices, when thinking of ways to make the shopping experience more efficient, retail strategists are having to adjust their approach to cater to shoppers. None of which can save any device from the chopping block.

Watch out LiLo! Better keep an eye on that Blackberry!