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Kevin Ware has left Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis pictured below on his crutches


UPDATE 4/1 4:15 PM EST

Up on his crutches and surrounded by family and friends, Kevin Ware had a message to all his supporters; he’ll be fine, but no, he’s NEVER watching the replay of his fall.

During a conversation with ESPN, Ware said this:

“Hopefully I’ll be back in time to watch practice,” Ware told by phone on Monday. “It hurts but I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.”

“I jumped and my leg felt kind of funny,” he said. “When Coach P tried to help me up, he gave me a funny kind of look. I’m looking at him and then I look down and I see my bone sticking out. It wasn’t a hurt feeling. I just went into shock. In the moment, you don’t know what’s wrong with you. You’re just looking, thinking, ‘How did this happen?’ I never watched the replay. I never want to.”

He aso tweeted this picture of his leg post-surgery.

Wow! We wish him a speedy recovery!



UPDATE 4/1 3:45 PM EST

In this photo released by the University of Louisville, Kevin Ware lies in a hospital bed holding the NCAA Regional Championship trophy flanked by coach Rick Pitino, left, and former Louisville assistant coach Richard Pitino, Monday, April 1, 2013, in Louisville, KY. (AP Photo/University of Louisville, Kenny Klein)


UPDATE: 4/1 11:45 AM EST

Louisville rep Kenny Klein tweeted the following photo of Kevin Ware on crutches with the caption “Louisville G Kevin Ware up and moving on crutches today after surgery to repair a broken leg yesterday


UPDATE 4/1 8:02 AM EST

Kevin Ware’s older sister tweeted out a picture late last night of the Louisville star holding the trophy in the hospital.  Our prayers are with dude to recover as quickly as possible.

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UPDATE 3/31 4:40 PM EST

According to Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports, Ware will likely have surgery on his injured leg on Sunday and is in good hands. He tweeted:


UPDATE 3/31 3:39 PM EST

After suffering the gruesome injury, Kevin told his teammates when he was on the floor:

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be OK. Go out and win the Tournament.”


Although this is a difficult one to report, we feel the need to share, one of the worst injuries in the history of sports. 

During the NCAA Elite Eight game between Lousiville and Duke, Louisville player, Kevin Ware suffered what appears to be a compound fracture of both the tibia and fibula when he landed on it funny after jumping to block a three point shot.

Team players on both teams were in shock at Ware’s injury showing just how gruseome the incident was.  Even coach, Rick Pitino, was in tears when helping the young man off of the court.

USA Today reports:

With Louisville leading 21-17, Ware ran out to contest a three-point attempt by Tyler Thornton. Moments after Thornton made the shot, however, there was pandemonium on the court when Ware planted his leg, turned and suffered what looked like a broken bone.

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An outpour of love and support for the baller has hit Twitter, beginning with Joe Theismann, who suffered a horrible injury when New York Giants Lawrence Taylor sacked him and broke his leg.



With caution, watch the very graphic video above.  Our prayers and thoughts are with Kevin and his family.


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