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Did you hear about Lousville Cardinals player Kevin Ware‘s insanely gruesome injury during last night’s game vs. Duke?

We thought so.

Kevin suffered probably the most gruesome injury in sports history. His tibia (aka shin bone) was literally sticking six inches outside his leg. It was both gross and so sad. We know what these kind of injuries can to do a player’s career.

The good news is he had successful surgery right away and is already recovering, and experts say it will not be career ending. Thank God!

While we all squirmed around in agony at the thought of the pain of the injury, Kevin’s teammates felt it the worst.

Check out some of the most emotional reactions from the Louisville players during last night’s game.

2. Russ Smith clearly feels his teammate’s pain

3. We know, it was reallyyyyy bad

4. Peyton Siva consoles Chane Behanan

5. More teammates come over to help

6. Like everyone else watching, Louisville coach Rick Pitino could not believe what he was seeing

7. The team gathers up to pray

8. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel…

The Cardinals beat Duke 85-63. Congrats Louisville!

And, bonus:

Peyton Siva tweeted a pic of Kevin recovering in his hospital bed last night, trophy in hand.

Photo Credit: USA Today/Getty/Instagram