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The first footage of the sinkhole that swallowed and killed Florida resident, Jeff Bush, back in February has been released. 

Bush, age 37, was sucked into the sinkhole while he was asleep in his bedroom in Seffner, Florida. His brother, Jeremy, jumped in to save him but he was nowhere to be found. 

DETAILS: Jeff Bush Identified As Florida Sinkhole Victim

The county has just released the footage that was taken by the contractor that examined the hole shortly after the incident. The video shows that every piece of furniture vanished. It also shows the ground has completely given way, showing the brown dirt beneath. However, hats and jackets remain hanging over the area where Jeff’s bed used to be. 

The house has since been demolished and Jeff’s family hopes to build a memorial for him in it’s location. 

DETAILS: Florida Man Missing After Sinkhole Opened In His House

Many neighbors have since left their homes and the county has said that houses near the sinkhole must be condemned. 

Florida residents are still concerned about how safe they truly are from incidents like this. 

‘There’s hardly a place in Florida that’s immune to sinkholes,’ said Sandy Nettles, who owns a geology consulting company. ‘There’s no way of ever predicting where a sinkhole is going to occur.’

Hopefully, legislation will be passed to ensure that all Florida homes are on safe grounds. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail