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While Beyonce was busy making headlines this morning with the debut of her new epic Pepsi commercial and Timbaland-produced track “Grown Woman,” leave it to her to be out of the country to do better things.

What better things? Celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary with Jay-Z in Havana, Cuba. Duh.

There aren’t a lot of photos of the two on their getaway, but the few pics we have are awesome.

Let’s discuss why:

1. Jay-Z is wearing a fedora

2. Jay-Z is wearing a turquoise polo shirt

3. Jay-Z is smoking a cigar

OK, so Jay-Z is a boss, but Beyonce still upstaged him because she debuted some new chocolate brown box braids andddd we’re lovin’ it.

So what are they doing in Cuba? According to Yahoo!, the music power couple was mobbed by dozens of fans at renowned restaurant La Guarida and police had to step in to keep the crowds at bay.

Waitress Silvia Fernandez said they dined with their mothers [so sweet] and another man she couldn’t identify. She called Beyonce “beautiful, without a drop of makeup.” On Thursday they toured colonial Old Havana and popped into another restaurant.

The power couple declined to speak to reporters. We don’t blame them. 

Photo/Video Credit: AP