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Good news: Daft Punk is getting ready to release their first album in 6 years – if you don’t count the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack.

Random Access Memories is set to be one of the biggest musical releases of the year, with iTunes already being bombarded with pre-sale orders.

STORY: HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER: Daft Punk To Release New Album In 2013

To give their fans a taste of what’s to come before the big release date on May 17th, 2013, The Collaborators Project video series was put together in conjunction with Daft Punk, Intel and Vice Magazine.

The first episode features disco music pioneer Giorgio Moroder speaking about his experiences with the genre, such as recording an album with Donna Summer and experimenting with synthesizers. George talks in depth about Daft Punk in the recording studio and simply concluded that he views the group as “perfectionists” with their style being “something different. Still dance, still electronic; but [they] give that human touch back.”

MUSIC: SNEAK PEEK: Daft Punk Releases Extended Preview Of New Track

Todd Edwards stars in the follow-up episode of the Collaborators Project. Todd previously collaborated with Daft Punk to create the song “Face to Face” on the 2001 album Discovery, and talks about being asked to implement his signature “cut-up” method of music production for a portion of an unspecified song and although he wasn’t sure where his contribution to the project would be used, it eventually ended up on the chorus. Todd called his experience working on Random Access Memories life-changing, and pointed out the irony of “two androids bringing soul back to music.” 

You can check out both men talking about their experiences with Daft Punk by pressing play on the videos above and below.