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Shay Mitchell is a superstar in our eyes!

She’s the kind of down-to-earth girl that doesn’t care much about stardom, still hangs around with the friends she grew up with, and won’t do something strange for a little bit of fame like the rest of Hollyweird. You’ve got to love it.

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Back in the 2010s, it was easy to fall in love with Shay’s Pretty Little Liars character Emily, but the real Shay? She’s twice as cool and today it’s her 33rd birthday so we’re here to celebrate her talent, beauty, and new mom status.

We couldn’t do any less than 15 reasons we’ve loved her all these years…and here they are.

1. She is a natural beauty.

2. Her hair is ALWAYS on point.

3. Call her Sh(ay) Moisture (hehe).

4. Shay ALWAYS has some dope sh*t on!!

5. We imagine she smells better than… anyone.

6. She loves a good kiss.

7. She’s a real boss babe.

8. This is how she works out.

9. She’s a girl’s girl.

10. See?

11. She’s a Pretty Little Liar, so she can keep a secret for sure.

11. We knew she’d be the best mom and she is. 

12. She loves animals.

13. And her grandma.

14. She loves to travel… check that caption out.

15. And did we mention she’s beautiful? Happy Birthday Shay!