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It’s been nearly a week since Brad Paisley dropped “Accidental Racist,” his controversial duet with LL Cool J. The song, which tries to deal with race relations, has been bashed relentlessly by Twitter and various publications. At first the two were quite defiant about the song, but now it seems like there’s some regrets.

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The other day, Brad Paisley appeared on The Tonight Show and said “you know what, I don’t know, I guess so” when asked if he would change anything about the song.

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Then yesterday, LL appeared on The Tonight Show and admitted that there were flaws with the track:

“The song wasn’t perfect. You can’t fit 300 or 400 years of history into a 3-4 minute song.” 

LL also felt the need to justify the most controversial part of the song, the “If you don’t judge my do-rag, I won’t judge your red flag” line:

“In no way would I ever compare the history of the confederate flag with a du-rag. However, when you think about a kid like Trayvon Martin, and you think of some of the things that happened in society based on clothing, when you put it in its proper context, it makes sense… I would never, ever, ever suggest to anyone that we should just forget slavery and act like that didn’t happen.” 

Even though there are some regrets, LL seems glad that the song happened, saying:

“As long as people are having a conversation, then the art has done its job.”

Um, if you say so, sir. Check out LL on top and Brad down below.   

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