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We’ve been miseducated.

The real reason Lauryn Hill didn’t pay her taxes isn’t because she didn’t have the money – it’s because she was receiving scary threats to her and her family.

DETAILS: Oh No! Lauryn Hill Owes New Jersey $440,000 In Taxes 

New information from the usually private singer shed light on why she failed to file her tax returns for 2005-2007 (which left her owing about $440,000 to the government). 

Lauryn stopped paying taxes when she withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family.

She’s not specific about the threats — but it’s a new explanation for her mysterious disappearance from the music scene after her rise to fame in the ’90s.

According to TMZ, Lauryn just filed legal documents to ask the court to consider a bunch of factors before her sentencing. She faces seven years in prison, but claims that she can pay off the debt much faster if she’s not behind bars.

VIDEO: Lauryn Hill Goes “Crazy Like A Fox” On Wyclef! 

She’ll face a judge on April 22.

Good luck L-Boogie!