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An air strike was launched by Israel on Syria early Friday morning, which targets a “container of weaponry” to be used against Lebanese terrorists part of the Hizbollah organization.

According to the Associated Press, the weapons targeted are said to be long-range missiles, as this is the second strike on Syria by Israel.

The Telegraph reports:

The Israeli government has called on the United States to take steps to safe guard the Assad regime’s chemical weapons store, which is believed to be among the largest in the world.

 Friday’s strike was ordered personally by Benjamin Netanyahu in a closed meeting on Thursday night. The attack was launched from Lebanese airspace probably using the Israeli Air Force’s “stand off” bombs, which are able to cover significant distances and would Israel to strike a Syrian facility without entering Syrian territory.

Israeli F16 jets were seen in the skies above Lebanon for several hours on Friday. Michel Suleiman, the Lebanese President, has denounced the Israeli flights, which he claimed are a violation of international law.

The officials of Syria have reportedly denied any knowledge of the bombing that occurred Friday, and that the strike “comes in the framework psychological war in preparation of an aggression against Syria.”

Hopefully this strike doesn’t have to last long and everyone can stay safe.