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Frank Ocean and Givenchy’s Riccard Tisci may be fashion’s new it couple!

As strange as that was to read, we actually think that it has been going on for much longer than recent reports have let on. 

If you are still lost, Riccardo, who was one of the Met Gala’a co-chairs, spent most of the night instagramming pictures of himself with Madonna and Frank Ocean. The thing is, it just seemed that there were a lot more pictures of Frank than anyone else.

Once the night was through, Riccardo woke up the next day and instagrammed a picture of a discheveled bed and a random bowtie with a caption that read “Please don’t go…..”

Now we can’t confirm that the bowtie in question was Franks but all signs point to yes!

When we originally started discussing the possibility of the two actually being a couple we slowly began thinking back at all of the signs that Riccardo and Frank may have had this “alledged” relationship going on right under our noses the whole time! 

Lets look at the facts:

1. Back in March, Frank sat front row for the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion show in Paris.  No big deal right, a lot of musicians sit front row at fashion shows, but then we noticed….

2. While the rest of his Odd Future friends were wearing Supreme and even their own OF brand, Frank wore Givenchy.

3. He wore Givenchy to fashion shows…

4. He wore it while shopping on a regular day…

5. And then also when he was posing for GQ.  Ok we get it Frank, you like Givenchy and we have to admit that you aren’t ALWAYS wearing it but then came the MET Gala…

6. Frank was head-to-toe in Givenchy. Down to the shoes and the now infamous bowtie

7. Even though Fank wasn’t doing much instagramming, Riccardo Tisci was and there were a lot of pictures like this…

8. But probably more like this…

9. And this, which may (or may not) have ended like….

10. THIS!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day, this is all speculation and nobody really knows if Riccardo and Frank are just friends or a little bit more, but a small piece of us hopes this is all true. 

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